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BETA designs of all the machines produced are available to our technicians, who can immediately verify the original designs of each machine in case of a request of maintenance or repair.


Electric and pneumatic diagrams, mechanical designs, quality and materials certificates are all at our disposal and guarantee to our Customers a precise and quick response to every request.


Only BETA Machinery can supply original spare parts and components, manufactured using the original drawings and designs, as many special parts (for example the castings and the rubber seals) are not commercially available elsewhere, but are produced with our exclusive molds.


BETA Machinery guarantees to the Customers the supply of required spare parts for at least 10 years after the date of delivery. Spare parts "in catalogue" which are out of production at the moment of the enquiry are excluded; for these, in any case, if technically possible, BETA Machinery will do its best to identify interchangeable components.


For any commercial or technical information,
for maintenance and spare parts, please contact:


Tel. (+39) 0331 - 595.300