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Thermosetting Calenders

All BETA 2-roll thermosetting calenders for hot and cold treatment are equipped with two standard rolls (no BETA patent) in vertical layout with an internal gap for liquid circulation and with rolls’ width up to 5600 mm. Here below all main kinds of light calenders are listed:


  • Thermobonding calender
  • Thermosetting calender
  • Cooling calender


Main features:

All BETA thermosetting calenders can be equipped with different accessories, type of roll and working pressures in order to comply with all Customers’ needs. All steel rolls can be supplied in the hot or cold version: the heating is obtained by means of diathermic oil circulation and the cooling by coolant liquid circulation.

Main features are as follows:


  • Two standard rolls with rotating joints for liquid circulation
  • Rolls with chromium-plated surface or Teflon coated
  • Rolls’ diameters from 400 mm to 900 mm with various thicknesses depending on Customer’s deflection requirements
  • Rolls’ width up to 5.600 mm
  • Pneumatic rolls’ pressure system with 5/6 bar network air (no compressor)
  • Working pressure up to 10/20 tons (about 30 N/mm max)
  • Driven spacer devices for regulating gap between rolls

Impregnating Foulards / Padders

BETA Machinery produces several kinds of machines to be incorporated both in plants for Nonwoven production and in manufacturing plants for products based on Nonwoven fabrics.

Our Nonwoven customers have a great variety of plant layouts and use all the most widely diffused treatments for the Nonwoven web formation, bonding and finishing (such as, Dry-laid, Wet-laid, Meltblown, Spunbond, Thermobonding, Needlepunched, Spunlace, Chemical bonding) and some of them work at high speed up to 200m/min.


All BETA machines for impregnation are equipped with patented Beta-Rolls® (working pressure up to 100 N/mm), with rolls’ width up to 6.000 mm, max working pressure up to 36 tons and with a 20-bar air compressor for rolls’ pressure system; each machine can be provided with stainless steel frame.

2-roll Foulard

3-roll Foulard

3-roll Differentiated Foulard

Supplied with two Beta-Rolls® (driven + idle)


Suited for dyeing, impregnation, normal squeezing

Supplied with two idle Beta-Rolls® and one small diameter central roll


Suited for high squeezing due to reduced contact area between small central roll and the Beta-Rolls® (version with one or two troughs for single or double nip, but always one working pressure)

Supplied with three Beta-Rolls® (one driven + two idle)


It’s like two machines in one. The two nips have two different selectable working pressures (independent from the other nip), two troughs

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