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BETA Quality Proof

BETA Machinery, in the logic of “Customer Satisfaction”, has recently created a new company trade-mark identified as “BETA Quality Proof”.


The trade-mark states a wide range of technical features, product quality, authenticity of spare parts and ability in customer service.


By applying a serial-coded tag and releasing a certificate with this trademark for every original BETA spare part, BETA Machinery guarantees to the customers important product requirements and assures a greater transparency in the supply.


Only those who designed, developed and made your machine can guarantee the best original spare parts.


• Quality

• Know-how

• 12-month Guarantee

• Customer Service

• Original Spare Parts

• Safety Care

BETA machines are placed at the maximum safety level today attainable by safety technology, and include the most updated design principles about the safety of machines and modules with the highest safety level available on the market.


All dangerous zones (squeezing rolls, scroll rolls, transmission, liftable trough, batcher) are properly protected with different systems depending on risk type and access frequency: sliding interlocked guards with locking doors or fixed guards and lids or safety sensible edges.


The safety guards consist of doors manually sliding along proper aluminum guides; each door is provided with its own limit-switch with electro-magnetic door locking for maximum safety (the line can be started only with safety guards closed and locked, and doors cannot be opened if the machine is not completely at rest).


The BETA safety system is completely redundant and includes two safety modules with double channel and feedback control (one for emergency and one for safety guards control), a safety module for zero speed detection and double contactors for all motors. The machine’s emergency

circuit is at the maximum safety level according to EN 954-1: Category 4.


Since 2013, every part of each new Beta-Roll® is marked with a micro-percussion marking device, ensuring a complete traceability of the Beta-Roll® and of all of its components.


This ensures our Customers the possibility of tracking the whole history of every Beta-Roll®.

Only the original Beta-Rolls® are marked with Beta Machinery logo and with a unique serial number.